Clown Car

Clown Car

Can anyone out there believe the cast of characters the republicans are considering for the next president of the United States?

And leading the pack is the man Scott Adams has labeled a “clown genius”, Donald Trump.  (Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, and has his own blog:

According to Adams, Trump has been using “linguistic kill shots” to wipe out the opposition.  An analysis of how effective Trump has been can be found here:   Examples of a “linguistic kill shot” would be Trump labeling Jeb Bush as “low energy guy”, Carly Fiorina as “robotic” and Ben Carson as “nice”.  Using these techniques, which Adams says is “like bringing a flame thrower to a stick fight”, Trump managed to humiliate and eliminate his most serious threat, Jeb Bush, before the party even started.  And Jeb was backed by the establishment and $150 million at the outset!

And while it has been very entertaining to watch, and Trump is pretty much dealing out exactly what Jeb and the rest of them deserve, it raises the question – will these techniques carry Trump all the way to the White House?

There is almost no question that if Trump gets the republican nomination he will be running against Hillary Clinton, and there is a very good chance he will be able to wipe her out linguistically the same way he has been wiping out his republican opposition.  He certainly will have a lot to work with, and he’s already started.  “I think it’s going to be Hillary and myself,” he said. “Frankly, if she gets indicted, that’s the only way she’s going to be stopped.”

Perfect.  There is no chance Hillary is going to be indicted, but Trump has already “anchored” Hillary’s image as a criminal.  She is in trouble.

What can be done to stop Trump?  It would actually be easy to wipe Trump out using his own techniques.   The problem is, it would take someone with Trump’s personality to do it, and that is probably not Hillary.

For one example, the hair.  There is probably not a person in the country that can look at Trump and not be horrified.  In fact it is hard to look right at him without wincing.  It is like wearing a label on your forehead screaming “I’M A PHONY!”  That hair is totally fake, and there it is.  Can you imagine it on Mr. Rushmore?  Can you imagine someone with that hair being president of the United States?  Do you need to know anything else not to vote for him?

The guy is really bald, and what that hair does is call attention to the fact that he is a phony.  It is like THE BIG LIE, because everyone that sees it knows that it is fake, yet it is never part of the discussion.  Trump made Carly Fiorina’s looks part of the discussion, Megyn Kelly’s period part of the discussion, Jeb’s energy part of the discussion, etc.  But nobody has made the most obvious evidence of Trump’s mendacity part of the discussion.  Would he make America great again the same way he combs his hair?  Would he fix the economy the same way he fixes his hair?  Even a bad stand up comic could do 30 minutes just on that hairdo.  That hair is trumped up!  And it is something Trump can never run away from.

Forget his multiple ex-wives, the laundry list of outrageous statements and positions, etc, etc.

The hair is the place to start.  If someone comes to the fight with another flame thrower, that is where they should point it.


  1. While the hair does provide physical evidence of this individual’s state of mental awareness (albeit, the lack thereof); I do believe Donald Truck has served to demonstrate at least one point, which may one day prove to be historically significant: at least 25% of Americans truly do suffer from sort of mental &/or learning disability, and we need to explore the underlying foundations of this phenomenon further.

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