The first post.  With the most irritating app imaginable.  WordPress.  But at least the framework is in place.  Although even that is subject to a total upgrade.  In the trenches in Mid-Michigan.  So the world can access my thoughts on the state of the union.

I might use the sub-title “easily ascertainable facts you will almost never see in the mainstream media.”

Virg Bernero appears at Hash Bash in Ann Arbor and makes a plea for a reasonable approach to repealing prohibition.  The tomato model makes the most sense, so that will probably be totally off the table even with so-called progressives before discussions even start.  Much like the single-payer model for health care, which has been empirically demonstrated to work most efficiently in dozens of other countries, including Canada.  (see “easily ascertainable facts”)  Countries with better health care for more citizens than the US.  Therefore it was off the table as a health care model for the US.

I note the fact that there is no “drinking age” in most European countries – France, Italy, et al.  Somehow they manage to survive.  Meanwhile, we criminalize our youth and the laws we have produce the opposite of their intended result.  Unless your intended result is incarceration, ruined lives, criminal records and a bloated prison/industrial bureaucracy.  And more drug and alcohol abuse, not less.

The delusional framework.  That is the world we live in.

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