Its the hair.  You can’t be president with that hair.  You can’t make America great again with that hair as president.  if you elect a president with hair like that you will make America the laughing stock of the world.  It is a total contradiction.  So stay focused on Donald’s real problem.  He is a total phony, and he is revealing it prominently with that fright-wig, which neither he (nor us) can run from.  It is like a neon sign on his forehead saying “I’m a phony.”  So use it.

Stick With the Hair!

None of his republican rivals have figured that out.  And so they let him waste them with stand up comedy insults.  Scott Adams has it right – to a point.  Trump is a “clown genius”.  If you are running for president against him, it is not “presidential” to engage him on his own level, even if you are good at it.  So… “how best to be ‘presidential’ when debating a clown-wearing-a-fright-wig?”, becomes the question.

Stick with the hair.  “Are you going to fix the country the way you fixed your bald head.”  Of course, a lot depends on the delivery.  You have to treat him like what he is: a mildly amusing bad-boy, given to fits and temper-tantrums.  “Oh Donald.  (chuckle) There you go again.”  To quote another bad actor: “..but never take offense, any more than you would when a kitten starts biting your hand.”

It is like arguing with an 8 year old.  As soon as you engage him on his level, you lose.  But if treated like an irascible infant being naughty, he’s done.  He is not to be taken seriously!  So please, don’t ever take him seriously.  The fright-wig is literally telling you “I’m not to be taken seriously.”  He is merely an amusing annoyance.  Of course, this will infuriate him, and likely drive him into even nuttier behavior.  All to the good.
“You never created a job.”  Answer: “You’ve never run for office, been elected, or spent a minute as a public official.”

The Fright Wig. You can see it on Mt. Rushmore, right?

“If she were a man she’d only have 10% of the vote.”  Answer: “If he were a man he wouldn’t be wearing the fright-wig.”

“She’s an enabler.”  Answer: “I might be an enabler, but I’m small potatoes next to someone who is enabling convicted rapists and sexual predators.  I’m not THAT much of an enabler.”  (see Mike Tyson, Roger Ailes, etc)

“Crooked Hillary”  Answer:  “I’m not as crooked as the fright-wig.  He can’t even straighten out his hair.  (amused chuckle) How is he going to straighten out the country?”

The fright wig.  You can see it on Mt. Rushmore, right.

Never deliver in a mean spirited way, and only after Donald says something nasty – which he can’t stop doing.


So nobody took my advice, and here we are with a clown for a president.  Some notes.  There is no mandate whatsoever.  Trump won with about 24% of the electorate, about the same number of people who believe Elvis is still alive.  He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million.  He won the three swing states by statistically insignificant margins, which gave him the electoral college.  A total fluke.  And in spite of Comey, wikileaks, the MSM, and any number of other dispositive issues, both Hillary and Obama share much of the responsibility.  HRC should have put Bernie on the ticket.  That was painfully obvious.  We would be calling her Madame President now if she had.  That alone would have made the difference in the swing states.  Not only did she not put Bernie on the ticket, she didn’t go after his constituency AT ALL.  After losing to him in Michigan???  For that and other reasons, she got what she deserved, although the rest of us didn’t.

Obama bailed out the banks without a real commitment to the working man.  They never forgot that he put Geithner and Summers in charge of the economy.  They bailed out the criminal bankers that George Bush enabled without punishing a single one of them.   And even though Obama rescued the economy, most of the benefits went straight to the top.  You can talk about unemployment and the stock market all you want, but too many Americans were facing a relentless economic struggle just to put food on the table.  And the 1%?  Getting fatter by the day.

Although the hard core Trump supporters are really a minority, it shouldn’t be that hard to understand their outrage.  We should all be outraged.  Of course, Trump’s core will be punished the most by his administration.  But what satisfaction is there in that?  We all deserve better.