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Our firm has a depth of experience in criminal defense in courts throughout Michigan. When faced with a criminal arrest or prosecution, a defendant’s first move should be to contact a criminal defense attorney. We will advise you on how to navigate the arrest and arraignment process without compromising any of your rights. After the charges are brought in a formal complaint, there are many things that can be done to mitigate the potential conviction or have it thrown out entirely. The accused is innocent until proven guilty: this means a final conviction comes either through a trier of fact – a trial – or through the plea bargaining process.

We are dedicated to working with you throughout this process. After retaining us, you will have complete access to us to discuss the facts and legal issues surrounding your case. Our clients get our full attention, and we have the experience and resources to give you the best chance at success in the Michigan legal market



Charges we cover:

Drivers License Restoration
Revoked Driver’s License
Hit & Run
Reckless Driving
Super Drunk

Sex Crimes
Juvenile Offenses
Drug Crimes
Weapons Offenses
Property Crimes

Firearm Restoration


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