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Business disputes are an extremely draining and time consuming endeavor – they are also inevitable. Many companies try to manage problems with legal import for far too long without obtaining any legal counsel, often further complicating their situation. In most cases, seeking legal counsel earlier rather than later on will save time, money, relationships, and headache.

One way to avoid legal issues down the road is to retain our firm to help set up your company and negotiate the company governance and interests between the members and managers. We will work with you and your partners so that everyone’s rights and interests are understood and agreed upon. Then we will be able to advise your company as to corporate governance and member rights.

For external legal issues, we are able to advise you and get ahead of any problem with pre-litigation strategies (legal demand letter/ negotiation/ etc). Having our law firm communicate on your behalf to promote your interests will carry significant weight and cut right through to the resolution.

There are also times when litigation is unavoidable. This can come in the form of a dispute with another company or individual, but often lawsuits arise from a dispute between members (which is one reason why it is important to set things up correctly in the first place). We have the tools to guide you through this process from beginning to end.

Our goal is to present you, the client, with options. We will not be making business decisions for you. Our job throughout litigation is to explain the legal position you are in, present the different available options on how to proceed, and then discuss with you to choose the path forward.

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“Baldori has been my attorney for many years. Super reliable and responsive. They have helped me through the MRA process of securing a marijuana license for both retail and medical establishments. Also in the near future I will be utilizing Baldori & Associates to establish a processing and growing license as we expand. Great job assisting with all business formation issues as well.”

Client with multiple marijuana facilities.

“Hired for expungement. Great communication, kept me informed and we got the process completed. I highly recommend.”

Expungement and Firearm Restoration.



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